Conran Shop Styling

Conran Shop,
London, UK, 2020

Type of project:
Interview Task; Conceptual work;
Mihaela Nenescu (concept developement);

The main brief of this project was to create a casual and relaxed lifestyle living room in a Georgian country home. The main focus is on personality, quality and style, built on a contrast of neutrals and accent colours, soft and rough texture, new and old pieces. I’ve created an untraditional Georgian country home with a focus on craftsmanship and raw materials.

The dining area is a very airy space, with a lot of texture but that being balanced to a level,  that the general atmosphere stays warm and welcoming. The carpet on the background is meant to be on the wall, as another way of interpretation of rugs in a house, being presented as a piece of art rather than a regular carpet. That brings texture, colour, warmth and depth to the composition.

The last example is a variation of the dining area, where traditionalism is replaced by minimalism, but still keeps the idea of naturality, quality, and craftsmanship.

In the lounge area mood board, we can see a mix of textures and furniture that complement the space as being cozy, bright, full of character and history, just like every home’s living room, carrying its own story.

The carpet on this side of the mood board, besides the tactile qualities, serves as a podium for every other peace in the composition. The light furniture symbolises the serenity and tenderness that the living room embodies, where the walnut tones of wood and black contrasts work as grounding pieces, even remembering the earth, the soil, and the wood. Imaginary a play of air and earth has formed a sense of equilibrium and wellbeing.  

I’ve tried to use a range of different objects, shapes, colours, materials and reinterpret the concept of a home, communicating the idea that every home tells the story of our multilateralism and how our culture builds our personalities.