BTG Concept Store

London 2022

Type of project:
Conceptual project
Mihaela Nenescu ( concept developement)

GRY Concept Store is a concept development exercise. In this set up the play is based on gray shades captured by different materials such as concrete, and stainless steel. In this seemingly neutral space, a contrast of forms is designed. Round edges of the hander pipes, lamps, and sliced stools.  Balancing between tension and relaxation, we lead to activating various senses. Tension causes sensitivity, making us to focus on the details, causing our senses to draw a clearer image of the  dynamism in the appearing heavy and dominant space.
At the same time, relaxation makes it possible to comfortably accept these clear senses and their rawness. As a commercial space, the monochrome palette puts in the spotlight the exposed goods and completes the space chromatically and texturally.

*visuals coming soon