Hostel Matter

Site Location:
Prague, CZ 2019
Type of project:
Freelance Project;
Auto Cad; Rhino; Photoshop; Illustrator
Mihaela Nenescu (Full interior design package and concrept developement); Nicoleta Puiu (Graphic design)
Exploring the spatial design issues at backpacker hostels throughout my student years, I realised that although I enjoyed meeting new people, sharing the space and experiences, a sense of privacy was still needed. The dormitory is an area in a hostel where enhanced privacy and safety are highly evaluated by guests, though it is aimed at providing a community experience. So how can a shared space supply a sense of home and stimulate human interaction and networking?

Compact self-contained modules, so-called capsules, were inspired by the Japanese philosophy focusing on simplicity and the essence of well-being. The neatly designed wooden cubicles come with a super single-sized mattress.  They are also equipped with built-in lamps, power, USB sockets, and hangers. 

The visual solution to building a welcoming space, is presented by the dark sage green walls, which not only calms but also works as a neutral background for the contrasting furniture, arts, and greenery.
Besides economical matters,  many people choose hostels because they can easily meet and interact with other travelers. Hostel Matter is a project oriented towards celebrating young artists. Setting a market orientation helps us bring together people with the same interests, profession, or simply art enthusiasts. 

The space itself doesn’t host a large open space lounge, it offers seats in the kitchen for friendly chats and considerable discounts to museums, and art events. The Corridors of the Hostel supply space for displaying young artists of Prague and their visitors with a month-long showcase, under the same theme. 

This hostel aims to transform the classic, site-specific spatial behavior and influence visually and culturally the urban fabric and its guests. This subject is a social matter, and this is exactly why Hostel Matter is a space that matters.