Melt Restaurant

Iasi, Romania
AutoCad; Sketchup; Photoshop

Type of project:
Freelance project
Mihaela Nenescu (interior design & concept developement);
Nicoleta Puiu (Branding package; graphic design)

Restaurant Melt is a new casual food place in the heart of Iasi. The restaurant is specialised in serving dishes from different parts of the world: Korean corndog, French raclette, Italian panini, and so on. What connects all these dishes is the melted cheese as a universal bonding element.

The name Melt comes from the verb ‘to melt’, referring to cheese; and from the allegory ‘to melt’, describing a warm feeling towards someone or something. We enter a dream, entering the room, we leave about all the troubles behind and we get ready to teleport in an imaginary world.
The cheese ceiling melts down and flows from the counter to the stairs, taking us to the tasking room. The staircase serves as a transition space, a yellow portal towards the moment of true fulfillment.  The tasting room is a white room, this is the space where, after the road full of suspense, the customer can finally have a seat, ‘and nothing else matters.

We had to do it with emotion, with metaphors, with a sense of humour...
To achieve this, we rely on the visual omnipresence of cheese as a symbol as well as on the different  funny quotes that transform the restaurant in a space of good disposition and laughs. It’s to Melt for.

Progress &  Final captures:

*final photos coming soon