Milchalle Cafe

Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany (2019)
Archicad; Photoshop; Illustrator

Type of project:
Comercial; as part of Rent24 team;
Mihaela Nenescu (concept developement, FF&E, styling);
Alice Palmieri (interior architecture)


Over the years Milchhalle Cafe has become a regular meeting point for friends and those working in the neighborhood as well as great coffee and freshly-pressed juices supply; The goal of their second location in Berlin, is to transmit the idea of freshness of the high-quality products and services as the main credo of the company.

Brown is friendly, welcoming, sensual, warm, and gives one a sense of calmness and comfort. It is a practical and sensible colour, indicating common sense. The colour brown is associated with healthy, natural, and organic products, and nourishing soils they grow on.
The light colours of the wooden furniture enhance the room. The plants and braid patterns ease the overall atmosphere. The tabletops and details are out of marble. Choosing marbles and granites in home furnishings means choosing uniqueness, choosing durability, and above all reclaiming the bond with nature.

These are characteristics that, when combined with the therapeutic green walls, can only increase its benefits and feeling of welcomeness and belonging.


     photos: ©milchalle