Urban Tech Cafe

Fridrichstraße F200, Berlin, Germany (2019)
Archicad; Photoshop;

Type of project:
Comercial; as part of Rent24 and Allianz collaboration;
Mihaela Nenescu (concept developement, FF&E, styling);
Ioannis Kelpetzidis (interior architecture & construction project management)

The state-of-the-art office space at Friedrichstraße 200 in Berlin-Mitte- the postmodern Philip Johnson House, was developed in cooperation with the Allianz F200, one of the leading insurance agencies in Germany.

A knowledge hub has emerged for the digital transformation of the insurance industry. The main briefing was to create an intelligent space concept, high-quality equipment, and a design that conveys openness and creativity. Allianz’s brand guidelines have guided the colour palette, that we spread around the space in order to create a visual division between different working areas. 

Small nooks by the window, hot desks, standard office desks, and a podium, all of these, working areas are nothing but fun and interactive places to get things done, network, and grow in the heart of Berlin.
The openness, as a symbol, as defined by the glass walls, as well as the colorful wooden blades, made flexible for people to adjust their direction and angle in order to adjust to the sunlight coming through or the visibility or privacy. Although the insurance work is not precisely artistic, a balance of the two is created with the addition of the art walls, plants, a rich collection of books, and greenery that surely can engage every single visitor. 

The Urban Tech Caffe supplies a coworking space, insurance support and provides an unforgettable experience from the cup of coffee served there to the intelligently planned solutions for a comfortable workplace.